Living Walls & Succulent Designs Barely Scratch the Surface

Part gallery, part boutique, part wonderland.

The Articulture Austin boutique is a showroom of botanical interior design. We showcase exclusive Articulture plantscapes, living walls, Living Furniture, and indescribable botanical designs. These aren’t your average succulent terrariums.

You’ll also find specimen indoor plants and designer vessels unavailable anywhere else in Austin. And, because beauty is in the details, a wide range of accent décor and curated gift items are featured. (Don’t feel guilty if the gift is for yourself!) Landscape plants and outdoor vessels are staged just outside.

The Articulture gallery/boutique is conveniently located next to the Articulture Designs studio. Not only does that provide you a sneak peek where the magic happens, but if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for on the shelves…we can make it happen on site!