Beekeeping Basics & Honey Tasting

Beekeeping Basics & Honey Tasting

Tickets are closed for this event. Hope to see you at one of our events soon!

Texas Beeworks founder, Erika Thompson, delivers an informative presentation into the mind-boggling world of the honeybee hive. We'll also enjoy a honey tasting, honey-based libations, and light snacks. (Details below.)

In this class, Texas Beeworks will cover:

  • All about honeybees
  • Beekeeping basics, tools, and best practices
  • How the hive works
  • Products of the hive (how bees produce honey, pollen, and beeswax)
  • Honey tasting: learn why honeys look and taste different, and get to know the
  • Why bees are essential to life as we know it on Earth
  • What you can do to help honeybees

Attendees will also enjoy a sample of Huajilla honey mead from Meridian Hive, Austin's first (and only!) meadery, plus some light snacks. Come enjoy a pleasant evening in the Articulture gardens and learn more about one of the most amazing creatures and sophisticated colonies on the planet.


All class registrants will receive 10% off any purchases in the Articulture boutique and nursery during the day of this class. So....spoil yourself with some home decor or living art you crave, or pick up a unique gift while saving a trip. 

About Texas Beeworks

Texas Beeworks is beekeeping company based in Austin, Texas with a mission to preserve, protect, and increase honeybee populations across the Lone Star State by helping bees and beekeepers thrive. Founded by Erika Thompson on the principle of putting hives before honey, Texas Beeworks supports the health and wellness of honeybees through public outreach, host-a-hive programs, mentorships, and more.