All About Aloe

All About Aloe

We all have some experience with the beloved Aloe Vera plant, you may buy it bottled from the store for a sunburn or your skincare needs, or maybe you’ve planted it in the garden to enjoy it’s beauty each day. Why not have the best of both worlds and grow your own aloe and make your favorite skin care products with it?

In this class, you’ll receive a beautiful specimen plant and we’ll teach you the techniques to continue growing and harvesting from your aloe plant all season long. Just in time for our summer skin needs, you’ll learn how to make three wonderful skin care products including:

  • Sunburn Soothing Gel

  • Illuminating Aloe Face Scrub

  • Aloe and Tea Tree Face Mask


All class registrants will receive 10% off any purchases in the Articulture boutique and nursery during the day of this class. So....spoil yourself with some home decor or living art you crave, or pick up a unique gift while saving a trip.