Plant Care 101

Plant Care 101

This Plant Care 101 class is the perfect way to ask about any of those outstanding plant questions you have and learn some basics in keeping your plants healthy all summer long! We’ll focus primarily on cactus and succulents, but are happy to cover any other plants you are curious about.

  • How much and how often do I water?

  • What lighting conditions does my plant need?

  • Why are they called air plants?

  • What’s the best way to propagate my succulent?

Summer is right around the corner and we have all the tips and tricks to help keep those plant babies happy and healthy. There will be plenty of Q and A opportunity, so come with your questions; or even better, bring us that plant that’s giving you a hard time and we will take a look and help you find ways to get back on track!


All class registrants will receive 10% off any purchases in the Articulture boutique and nursery during the day of this class. So....spoil yourself with some home decor or living art you crave, or pick up a unique gift while saving a trip.