Rewards Card Loyalty Points

Introducing our new customer loyalty program: Grow Your Rewards! We made it easy to earn points, and easy to redeem points. Because what's the fun in a rewards program that takes forever to cash in!

It's this simple: Earn $1 for every $10 in purchases. 

Want to start earning your points? Here's how:

  • Pick up our (super cute of course) rewards card in the boutique.
  • You'll earn a point for every $10 you spend during a visit to the Articulture boutique or class registration
  • After five visits, we'll tally up the points you've earned. On your next visit, you have free money to use however you wish!
  • In the example in these images, our happy customer gets $46 in free Articulture goodies.

FAQ and Fine Print

Q: What all can I earn points on? 
A: You earn points on any purchase of an item in stock in our boutique. And also for any scheduled Articulture class you register for and attend. In both cases, for every $10 in pre-tax purchases, you earn $1 in points. 

Q: How do I get the points if I register for a class online?
A: When you attend the class, we'll stamp your card when you sign in. If you don't have a card yet, we'll issue you a card and stamp it then. And bonus, if you do some shopping after the class, that counts as a separate visit. So you can earn more and redeem faster. 

Q: Do I get points for online purchases other than class registration?
A: Currently not. "Grow Your Rewards" points require a boutique visit. We do hold online specials with discount codes throughout the year, so keep an eye out for those.

Q: I want to order a custom arrangement or living wall, will I earn points on those?
A: Sorry, but no. Points are earned for off-the-shelf items and classes only. The good news is, our boutique is stock full of one-of-a-kind, handmade Articulture creations.

Q: What if I lose my card?
A: That would be so sad! So hold onto this delightful card like it's gold. 'Cause it pretty much is! It's easy to earn a lot of free Articulture goodness. But unfortunately, we can't do anything if you lose your card. 

Q: OK, fair enough. But what if I forgot to bring my physical card with me to the store? I'd hate to miss out on those points!
A: We can work with you there! If you already have a card, but don't have it in your wallet this trip, (for shame!) no problem. Just let the friendly Articulturist ringing you up know. And we'll make an official note (with official stamps!) on your printed receipt. Just keep that receipt and bring it with you on your next visit and we'll retroactively stamp the points on your rewards card. All's good!

Q: When did this program start? I've been a customer before but didn't get points. Can I get those added?
A: Awesome, and thanks! You're the reason we started this loyalty program. We love our regulars. We started Grow Your Rewards on 8/10/18. While we can't go back in time for past purchases, you now have one more reason to visit Articuture. As if you needed it!

Q: When I fill up my card on my fifth visit, since I'm already there can't I redeem my points then?
A: You sneaky little devil you. It never hurts to ask, but no. You'll get the free money on your next visit.