Summer Plant Sale - 30% Off

Summer Plant Sale - 30% Off

Six days only. Tuesday July 18 through Sunday July 24. 

Shade Plants - 30% Off -
Ferns, ivies, and hoyas. Oh my! 

Nothing beats the shade in the Texas summer. And you'll have it made in the shade with 30% off these outdoor (shady spots or course) or indoor plants. A dozen varieties of ferns, gorgeous hoyas, spectacular ivies, and more. 

Large Specimen Plants - 15% Off

This week only, 15% off 15-gallon (and larger) specimen plants. These are the show-stoppers. The statement pieces. The plants that bring the room together.

Select plants 15% off inlcude specimen kolanchoes, towering euphorbias, tree aloes, fiddle ficus, Mexican fence posts, olive trees, and more. 

And if you're like, "I don't know what any of that means." Well, just come check out some really awesome plants.