Zero-waste Facility and Green Business Leader

We go way beyond the average green efforts. Even our recycling program is full throttle, finding ways to reuse or recycle any styrofoam, plastic, glass, metals, and other materials we use. Of course, we try to use less in the first place, and we strive to source as much local and recycled material as possible, from gift boxes to vintage vessels.

We have 1,500 gallons of rainwater collection we use heavily, and that capacity will continue to grow. We designed and built our boutique and studio to be highly energy efficient, far exceeding requirements (side note: we'd have a prestigious accreditation to tout here if it wasn't so expensive to get "certified"). And solar panels are on the way!

As an event facility, Articulture makes every effort to above and beyond. In addition to the above, we compost all organics and utilize compostable flatware and dinnerware when china is not used. We work with and train any outside vendors utilized (such as caterers) to ensure they compost all organics when operating at Articulture. 

Owner and principal creative Monique Capanelli is a Certified Permaculture Designer. She not only incorporates these practices into landscape designs (focusing on native or regionally adaptive plants and grasses), but carries this philosophy into every aspect of our business. Hey, we even have a CGO (Chief Green Officer)!

Green weddings are a definite specialty of Articulture Designs®. We use less fresh floral than traditional florists, which means less environmental damage caused by shipping flowers from distant corners of the globe…only to die a day after the event. Our plant-focused centerpieces can even double as guest gifts, reducing consumption of other materials. Our green efforts extend to the little things, like skipping plastic containers for corsages.