Terrarium Care

Our floating little worlds are among our most popular arrangements. Care varies based on what plants are in your orb. Keep these tips in mind, and give a little love, and your orb will be fine.

  • Bottled water or rain water is best for plants (tap water has too many chemicals) and will also help reduce water marks on glass.
  • Hang in a room with ample, indirect light. If hanging outside, be sure to bring inside during any freezing conditions.
  • If tillandsias only, simply mist about once a week, a few good sprays directly on leaves.
  • If succulents only, use stream instead of spray, and aim for base of plant. Every 4-6 weeks.
  • If cactus only, aim for base with gentle stream every 4 weeks or so.
  • If combination of plants, treat each plant as above. Spraying of tillandsia will get some moisture to other plants, so may decrease succulent/cacti frequency a bit.
  • As a sidenote…more people overwater their plants than underwater. Both tillandsias and succulents are hearty plants. So basically, don’t overfuss.